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Maxim Zverev: Restore completely, train, prepare!
Максим Зверев

Максим Зверев:
| Восстановился полностью, тренируюсь, готовлюсь!
| Верю в наших ребят!
| Хочу пожелать ребятам на Турнире удачи и поменьше травм!
| Игрок обязан исполнять все требования тренеров
| Russian hockey in Canada?

Федор Беляков:
| Ошибки есть всегда, главное работать над ними!

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In April 2011 hockey club Severstal declined to sports rights defender Maksim Zverev. Recall that Maxim was chosen the club in a second round draft pick ... 2010-2011 Almost immediately, the fall of 2010, the club sent him to Canada in Shelburne Red Wings (GMHL)... At the end of the season Maxim Zverev returned to Russia...

- Maxim, first tell readers of the blog Young Hockey RU, what is this notion of such "non-sporting rights" and "status" of a free agent""...
- This status allows you to choose the clubs in the KHL, VHL and MHL.

- That is, simply put, "Severstal" You do not need...
- Exactly.

- Who knew you hockey players already in this status?
- There is none.

- With this status gave you? You're already free to play in Canada...
- The status gives the right to sign and enter into a contract with us in Russia with any club where I can play.

- In a recent interview you said that there is an option to stay in Russia... Tell me, if not a secret, where, in what the club?
- Do not know yet.

- Well, that is, preferences?
- There are of course...

- At what time you will have a new contract?
- Not less than the end of next season...

- By the way, how is your ankle? You once said that in the playoffs was injured... Recovered completely?
- Yes, completely restored, train, prepare.

- Maxim, a sore point: the game of our youth team at the World Championships... Same problem with the protection that the main Russian national team...
- Yes we have problems in the area of defense, you need to pay more attention to defensive moments...

- During the mast Russia-USA immediately struck by the fact that the U.S. team - a very flat structure - that first link that the fourth ...
- The U.S. team as well as many other teams such as Canada, Sweden, almost completely level playing guys. Fight every single one! Constantly prove their place in the composition because they have very much competition. By the way I talked about this! It is very important!

- Play some teams you like in this tournament?
- U.S. of course... More Canada, Sweden, and Finland.

- And how to you the result of our team?
- In principle, fellows...

- Your wishes for the main team?
- Good luck, and try to reach the final!

- Thanks, Maxim!
- And thank you!

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